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Toroidal Transformer

Toroidal Power Transformer
Toroidal transformers are a powerful power source option.

Toroidal Transformer Design
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Toroidal Transformer Winding
The winding of a toroidal transformer is an important component.  Find out why here.  

Toroidal Core Transformer
Everything you ever needed to know about the core of your toroidal transformer.

Audio Toroidal Transformer
Audio toroidal transformers serve an important purpose.  Find out more here.  

Toroidal Output Transformer
Discover everything you need to know about toroidal output transformers here. 

Toroidal Current Transformer
How can a toroidal current transformer meet your needs? Find out here.

Custom Toroidal Transformer
Looking for a custom toroidal transformer package?  Let our toroidal transformer experts help!

Variac Toroidal Transformer
Your all-inclusive variac toroidal transformer resource. 

Toroidal Transformer

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If you are seeking information about a Toroidal Transformer, you have reached the right place!  As your all-inclusive, on-line, resource for toroidal transformers, we offer clear, concise, information on this extremely efficient power source product! 

A good place to start with a Toroidal Transformer is to begin with its unique shape, which is that of a toroid.  A toroid is easily recognizable as a doughnut-shaped object with a torus surface.  This doughnut shape is created by a revolving circle around an axis external to the circle.  The material revolving around the circle in a doughnut shape is a coil of insulated wire (usually comprised of an iron core or similar metal). 

The toroidal transformer’s shape allows higher inductance and the ability to carry greater current than comparable solenoids of other shapes.  Because of these outstanding properties, the Toroidal Transformer is often utilized as an inductor in circuits which utilize low frequency receivers and transmitters and at the other end of the spectrum, for main power supplies.  Another design feature inherent to the toroid shape of the Toroidal Transformer is that reduced resistance is achieved due to a smaller number of windings coupled with a larger diameter.  Energy is also prevented from being absorbed by adjacent objects due to magnetic flux which is confined to the core of the Toroidal Transformer.

The superior design of a Toroidal Transformer results in a power source product which offers many advantages over other transformers utilizing standard, laminated, power.  Several powerful advantages offered by a toroidal transformer include the following:

  • The compact design of a toroidal transformer in both size and weight presents a powerful package that is easily incorporated into any power source application.

  • Low, stray, magnetic fields.

  • Quiet, efficient, operation.

We understand that the investment in a toroidal transformer is big one.  This site, presented by TEMCo, a long standing power source leader since 1968 presents education, direction, and solutions to your power source requirements.  Our desire is for you to gain the information that you need to make an informed decision on your toroidal transformer. 


TEMCo carries a complete line of toroidal transformers that are in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.  Expect to find the highest quality toroidal transformers always at the best prices.  Let TEMCo exceed your expectations today! 

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Toroidal transformers feature a toroid shapes which offers many inherent benefits.

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